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Welcome to 1st Halesworth Scout Group

We are an expanding Scout Group with some 70 members in four sections providing training and activities for young people of Halesworth and the surrounding villages.

We meet in the 'Old Tin Chaplet' in Chediston Street; but we are
in the process of raising money for a new Headquarters.

Lions Christmas Street Fayre – 8th December 2013

1st Halesworth Scout Group will be holding a stall at the Christmas Street Fayre again this year. Please support us by donating a Tombola prize (maybe a BOGOF where you don’t need the second item?) If every Explorer, Scout, Cub and Beaver could donate just one item (more if you like!) it will really help us to raise some much needed funds for YOUR group. Please place any donations in the collection box at the Scout HQ, thank you.

Cubs and Beavers will be decorating Jam jars, so if you have any empty glass jars with lids (clean and with labels removed please) they would be gratefully received. These will also be Tombola prizes, so if you have any goodies we can fill them with, or if you could send them filled even better!!!! (eg. sweeties, small toys, or anything that will fit in the jar that you think somebody may want to win!)

One more thing ….. please, please, please, if you can spare an hour to help on the stall, there will be a rota up in the entrance to the HQ soon.

Thank you for your support

Christmas Mail Delivery 2013
Halesworth and Holton

The Halesworth Lions has passed on the Christmas Mail delivery to Halesworth Scout Group giving us the chance to serve our community and to earn much needed funds.

The time table is:

• 18 to 20 November - Post Boxes delivered to the shops.
• 14 December – Post Boxes will be collected.
• 14/15 December – Final and Major sort of post.
• 16 to 21– Delivery of post.

Volunteering Needs

  • Regular collection of post and donations (possibly on a daily basis).
  • A weekly sort, possibly at weekends or during the week into the major eight area that have been used by the Lions.
  • A final sort on 14 and 15 and allocating post into rounds.
  • 16 to 21 delivery of post.

I have not got a final list of shops but I will let you know as soon as I know myself.

Volunteers can be Explorer Scouts, Scouts, (Cub Scouts and Beavers are welcome to help but they must be accompanied by an adult), parents, grandparents, friends of scouting and leaders (but don’t let us rely on leaders for leading fund raising all the time). If anyone would like to step forward and help in the co-ordination of this project I would be really helpful.

So can you let me know:

  • When you can deliver post in the week before Christmas and the streets you are able to do.
  • When you can collect from the post boxes and the days that you can do this
  • When you are able to do the weekly mini-sorts
  • When you are available to do the Final Sort

This sounds a lot of work, and it is. I have had a number of volunteers that shows that we can make this a successful event. If every family helps then the work per person in minimal, conceptually we have four times the manpower of the Lions. And don’t forget to rope others in to help. I am!

This is a wonderful project and as well as boosting our fund it will present a high profile of Scouting to the community.

Call or email me for more information


Past Events

Saturday 21st September 2013

This was a grest walk, over 30 walkers took part

We will let you know how much we made later.

Waiting Lists

Due to the increase in numbers in all Sections we will be putting a limit on each section'

To get onto the waiting list please email Brian on [email protected] with the child's information, thanks

Waiting Lists

Due to the increase in numbers in all Sections we will be putting a limit on each section'

To get onto the waiting list please email Brian on [email protected] with the child's information, thanks

Membership Fee and Gift Aid
If you are a tax payer and have not signed a Gift Aid Form, please download one here..We get some 20% extra from the tax authorities.

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